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PrestaShop to Shopify Migration

PrestaShop to Shopify

Simple Guide to PrestaShop to Shopify Migration

Online business owners who have stores in different open-source platforms such as PrestaShop are now moving to hosted eCommerce platforms like Shopify. A big obstacle to a PrestaShop to Shopify migration process is the possibility of losing traffic and data that merchants have spent years getting for their stores. Only knowing the best practices for a store migration can save them from such consequences.

The prime difference between PrestaShop and Shopify is their management system. Shopify is easier to manage. It has also built a vast community all over the world. If you reach the final decision to have a PrestaShop to Shopify migration, visit Cart2Cart. It is an automated tool that provides easy solutions and fast migration, saving time and money.


Why do You Need to Migrate to Shopify?

PrestaShop compared to Shopify provides less opportunity in terms of site customization, security, usability, store management, and overall performance. Apart from all these, Shopify also gives users amazing theme templates while being loaded with useful apps. Most of those apps are free, and all are available in the Shopify store.

How to Migrate PrestaShop to Shopify?

Several processes are available that you can use to transfer to Shopify. But every process requires you to backup the store data at first. A backup stripes of a layer of risk of losing importing data during a store import procedure. Let’s learn about other ways of a successful Shopify migration.

Export Your Store

Before importing an existing store’s data, you have to export data of various entities like products, customers, integrations, and orders from PrestaShop. Shopify has an installable module that allows you to export your site’s data.

So, you have to download the module ZIP folder. Now by going to the PrestaShop admin, you will see the Modules option. Click it and find Upload a module in the Module Manager option. Select the downloaded ZIP folder and install it.

After the installation, click Configure. Then, click Export there on the configuration page. Now a ZIP file with all your store data gets saved on the computer. Follow the process not only for product migration. But also, to transfer customers from PrestaShop to Shopify.

Import Data to Shopify

If you want to import orders from PrestaShop, or other entities, follow these steps. Go to Shopify admin, find Store Importer from Apps. Now go to the “Import data into Shopify” page and select PrestaShop from a drop-down menu. You will see the Upload Files option. Advance to Continue import option and click Import.

Migration of SEO URLs

The best way to reserve the SEO score of your site after migrating is to make redirections for the most important pages. There are a few ways to make redirections. You can link to the same page of the new store. Or you can combine links of two different crucial pages. Another way is to redirect to the Home page. You also should consider setting a 404error warning page. All these will help you have a new store without losing the least number of consumers.

Automated Tools

The manual way of migration is a hard nut job. Because to migrate from PrestaShop to Shopify, only exporting and importing data isn’t enough. To fix issues, customization, and bringing proper functionalities, you must have some technical expertise. To ease the process and save you from such hassles, different automated importer tools are available. They can help you have an easy migration to a target site.

Enhanced demo data transfer service

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Migration up to 60,000 units 5 hours of technical support


How to Switch from PrestaShop To Shopify?

To switch effortlessly, you can take the help of an automated tool. Manual transfer requires you to have relevant technical expertise.

How to Transfer Website?

To transfer an entire website, you have to import all the data from the existing store and redirect for SEO.

How to Export Products?

You have to install module ZIP to the PrestaShop and click Export from its configuration page. It will download a ZIP file with all accessible data.

How to Migrate Without Losing SEO?

Redirecting old links to the relevant pages of the new site is the best way to migrate platforms without losing SEO.

How to Setup a Datafeed?

Use third-party apps to create Datafeed while being alert about the inventory and existing products.

How to Import Customers?

To import customers, go to Shopify admin and upload the exported imported data using the Import option there.

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